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Successful organizations are driven by good ideas, rapid implementation, and attentive follow-up. Our success stories detail ICG ideas that have helped our clients transform themselves. You will find information here about the services and products that we offer, including:

Knowledge is central to ICG’s approach. We develop research systematically through our industry and functional practices by using our own knowledge-gaining tools to collect pertinent information in technology, new products, politics, demographics, culture, and international relations.

ICG is a “line consultant” committed to implementing conclusions resulting from our business analysis. We listen to our client’s description of need and propose a series of solutions sensitive to our client’s sensitivity to cost, resources, and timing.

Most businesses, regardless of size, cannot -- or should not -- go it alone. ICG is no exception. Through our business networking approach, we have forged alliances that allow us to enhance our consulting and outsourcing expertise.

Our closest and almost continuous alliance is with Edict Incorporated. Together, we form a professional services and development group with experience in both general and custom software development for defense, commercial, and NGO clients. We carry the solution from investigation to installation and turnkey training. The result is rapid implementation of our clients’ vision.