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Successful value chain analysis is a strategic decision-making support tool that contributes to an organization's competitive advantage. In addition to optimizing the architecture of an entire enterprise, value chain analysis benefits our clients by identifying opportunities for reduced value chain costs, improved cycle time, and more efficient processes and asset utilization. To achieve these ends, both the manufacturer and its suppliers must be willing to share the information necessary for successful value chain analysis.

More then ever organizations are realizing the competitive advantage offered by having strategically designed their value chains early in their product development. By involving suppliers in this essential planning process a trusting cooperative environment is encouraged between the organization and its suppliers.

Five years of experience designing analytic tools and complementary consulting sessions required for value chain analysis in the automotive industry has resulted in Intellectual Capital Group's Best-In-Class process.


Intellectual Capital Group is a management consulting and technology services firm.

Our work is marked by the mastery of complex systems involving people, processes, parts and information.

ICG is a “line consultant” capable of implementing conclusions resulting from our business analysis. We carry a solution from investigation to design, installation and turnkey training.

We systematically share research through our industry and functional practices by using our own proprietary knowledge-gaining tools to collect pertinent information in technology, business intelligence, new products, politics, demographics, culture, and international relations.

ICG engagements are marked by good ideas, rapid implementation, and attentive follow-up. Our services and product areas include: